How to install Fire News app

Step 1. Environment setup.

First you will need to setup your environment. This is Swift project, and for it, we will need Xcode.

Install Xcode: Download it from here.

Step 2. CocoaPods.

If you don't have cocoa pods installed, then you should follow the instructions for installing CocoaPods.

sudo gem install cocoapods

Then open the project in terminal and write the command below.

pod install

When dependencies are finish with instalation, open the .xcworkspace file that is located into the project.

Connect to Firebase

Create app in Firebase.

Firts you need to create app in the Firebase Console. And then click on Add Firebase to your iOS app, copy the iOS bundle ID on the project you already download.

You can find the iOS bundle ID in the project as on the image below. Also you can modify the ID if you want, then in the Firebase Consol click REGISTER APP.

Download the GoogleService-Info.plist file and replace the existing file with the new one in the project.

Admin setup

Inside the folder that you get from CodeCanyon there is a folder "AdminPanel". This admin panel is React based admin panel and you can run it locally, deploy to your own hosting or install it in Firebase.

We have separate documentation for it. You have to follow just few of the step provided in our documentaiton. So let't get started

But first, in the folder that you get from CodeCanyon there is folder "DemoData".
Inside that folder you will find "app.js" file.
Extract the AdminPanel and replace the file "src/config/app.js" with the "app.js" from the "DemoData" folder.

Head over to FireAdmin Docs

Follow the following steps only
Installation - How to install Fire News app
Connect to Firebase - Connect the admin to the Firebase database you did before

After you have finished with thous 2 steps, in the folder that you get from CodeCanyon there is folder "DemoData". There you will find file "demodata.json".
Go in your Firebase Console
Open your project and go in "Database".
On the "More" icon on left, click on "Import JSON".
Select the "demodata.json" file. This will insert the demo data inside your firebase.

Next, in the same folder you will finde the file "schema.json". Move that file to the "src/config" folder of your admin panel, replacing the existing file there.

That's it. The admin panel is set up. You can view videos of the admin panel in action to see how it works.

Next, you can publish the admin panel. To do that follow this guide.

Manage articles & categories

To manage the categories, there is "Category" button on left nav bar. Same for the the articles, there is "Articles" button on right

To learn how the admin works regarding the CRUD ( Create, Read, Update, Delate ) function view this videos.


To change app Appereances without the need for app republishing, there is "Apperences" button on left nav bar.

There you can change different colors by choosing the color from color picker


First you have to do is to create an AdMob account and register an app

Then in the admin panel, in the Appereances section you should enter the AdUnitsIDS's.
You can also choose what ads you want to disply

One Signal - Push Notifications

First of all you have to create One Signal account. Add a new app , enter the app name and click Create. Here is the documentation for required setup.
Open the project and in AppDelegate.swift find the code presented in the image below. And enter your OneSignal App ID it's around 60th line in the code.

Next, configure your admin in "src/config/app.js" on bottom to send push to your OneSignal account.